Welcome to the Aiken Association of REALTORS®/MLS Membership information section. If you have obtained your South Carolina Real Estate License and would like to join the Aiken Association of REALTORS® we have provided information and the forms necessary for membership for your convenience. We encourage you to join the world’s largest professional association and enjoy the many benefits of becoming a REALTOR®!

I have my license now what?

Obtaining your real estate license took time and commitment and was your first step on your journey toward your successful career in real estate. Did you know that the term REALTOR® is a registered mark of the National Association of REALTORS® and can only be used by members of the REALTOR® organization?

All three levels of the REALTOR® organization - local, state and national - are here to help you succeed as a real estate professional. Becoming a member of the Aiken Board of REALTORS® is quick and simple and delivers a multitude of benefits for all those involved in the real estate industry.

How do I become a member?

The Aiken Association of REALTORS® has two types of memberships: Primary Membership and Secondary Membership. If you do not need a full membership, an MLS only subscription may suit your needs.

Please call our Member Services/MLS Coordinator at the Aiken Association of Realtors®/MLS at (803) 648-1891 to for the application package and current dues and fees. You may also email mls@aikenrealtors.org.

What is Primary Membership?

Primary Membership is a term indicating that you are paying your National and State dues through that Particular REALTOR® Association. If your Broker’s Primary Membership is with Aiken Association REALTORS®  and you do not belong to any other REALTOR® Association, you will most likely apply for primary membership. 

What is Secondary Membership?

Secondary Membership means you are already paying your National and State dues through another REALTOR® association. If you join additional Associations, you will join as a Secondary Member.

What are the annual membership fees?

Please contact Aiken Association of REALTORS® for current fees. Membership fees are paid on an annual basis and MLS fees are paid on a quarterly basis. For members joining during the year, fees are prorated monthly.


Can I join the Aiken MLS without joining the Association as a member?

If you are already a member of an Association of REALTORS® and would like access to the Aiken MLS, but do not need to join our association as a member, you may join as an MLS only subscriber.


Aiken MLS only subscribers have access to the Aiken MLS and can have their Supra keys added to our network so they are permitted to open Aiken lockboxes. Please contact Aiken Association of REALTORS® for current fees. MLS fees are paid on a quarterly basis. For subscribers joining during the quarter, fees are prorated monthly. 



I am not a REALTOR®; may I join the Aiken Association of REALTORS®?

You will be able to join the Aiken Association of REALTORS® as an Affiliate Member.


Affiliate Members do not hold real estate licenses and membership grants you recognition on aikenmls.com, our monthly newsletter and an invitation to attend our monthly membership meetings (a nominal fee does apply.) Simply return the Affiliate membership form along with appropriate membership fee. The fees are listed on the membership form and are broken down by quarter.



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